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What we\'re serving up in Louisana you just can\'t find anywhere else. Sultry jazz clubs, plantations with mischievous ghosts, trophy size bass that practically jump in the boat--and that\'s just for appetizers. Great resturants are throughout the state to whet your appetite. The Cajun Tradition runs deep and the traditions of the Mississippi and the Gulf of Mexico come together to please the most discerning of a traveller\'s pallette.

Louisiana\'s exciting attractions are as diverse as our many cultures. We offer everything from casinos and nightlife, to plantations and museums, to restaurants, music venues and marinas. There is a lot to do on vacation in Louisiana.

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The French Quarter RV Resort is conveniently located in the heart of downtown New Orleans, less than a ¼ mile from I-10 Exit 235A and within short walking distance of the French Quarter and several other major tourist attractions. We maintain 24 hour on-site management and security. Our facility operates much like a luxury hotel in the French Quarter, catering to all types of RVs. Accordingly, our rates are event driven and the average stay is 3-4 nights. The standard rate is $69/night; special event rates range from $79-199/night with a 2, 3 or 4 night minimum on specific event dates.

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