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You'll have to choose sides in North Carolina -- the mountains or the sea. Do you want to hike wooded trails or stroll on hotel-free beaches? Drive the scenic Blue Ridge Parkway or sail across the sound on a ferry? Gaze over misty valleys from a mountain peak or admire the arc of the shoreline from a sand dune? It's difficult to make a wrong choice with these options, but you're still likely to do some hand-wringing.

Because North Carolina's two best features lie on the far east and west boundaries of the state, separated by more than 250 mi/400 km of middle ground, it's difficult to see them both in a one-week vacation. North Carolina is blessed with a great wealth of scenic parks and recreation areas, including several national forests. The solution is to make two visits or one very long one. It will be time well spent.

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We've been here for a good long while now, going on thirty years. Throughout this period, we have made it our goal to take as good care of our guests as possible, providing amenities and comforts desired in a warm, friendly atmosphere ... good old Southern Hospitality, if you will. The folks at Greensboro Campground welcome you to our city and to our campgrounds! Whatever your plans, whatever your destination, we want your stopover here to be a pleasant and enjoyable diversion from the road that led you here! The roads to Greensboro take you through some fine Carolina landscapes. .pastoral sites, old barns, rolling hills, clean towns and cities. Our Guests come from all over and they are headed to numerous destinations. But they all have one thing in common. .a stopover here with us in our town. Land of ACC basketball (BIGTIME!), a PGA Tour event, the Furniture Capital of the World, great golf courses and so much more! Wherever you're going, wherever you've been, remember the Greensboro Campground. It is our distinct pleasure to accomodate you as you savor our town and our State's delights!

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