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Rhode Island is located in the southeastern corner of New England within easy traveling distance of several major northeast cities. We\'re just 60 miles from Boston, Mass., 180 miles from New York City and under 350 miles from Montreal. And because Rhode Island itself is only 48 miles long by 37 miles wide, it\'s easy to get from one attraction to another. Which means you can do more on your vacation.

Fortunately, words like \"work,\" \"deadline\" and \"stress\" seem strangely foreign around Rhode Island. What with countless miles of bike paths, more than a hundred public and private beaches at your bare feet, and the sparkling playground of Narragansett Bay, all part of a state that\'s more than 60% woodlands . And then there\'s kayaking, canoeing, fly fishing. In time, you will come to learn what the river is saying. And you can bet it won\'t be, \"Get back to work.\"

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